Ryan Feerer


USPS YES! Pinback Button Stamp




Greg Breeding

The pane of 20 stamps features 10 typographic designs by various artists in their unique styles, each with a single word as the prominent element of the design–– smile (Don Clark), hello! (Tré Seals), peace (Jay Fletcher), love (Juan Carlos Pagan), fun (Gia Graham), sweet (Jeff Rogers), yes! (ME), cheers! (Lisa Congdon), kudos! (DKNG Studios), and happy (Gina Triplett). The pane verso features an illustration of a round silver button back with pin fastener repeated 20 times, one for each pinback button shown on the front of the pane.

Since their invention in 1896, pinback buttons have expressed viewpoints, made statements, and shown off the interests of those who wear them. A novel medium, these buttons quickly came into popular use as advertising tools and for political campaigns. For more than 120 years pinback buttons of various sizes have helped spread ideas and broadcast opinions on a wide variety of topics.

The designs and slogans adorning buttons reflect the era and values of the time in which they were created, like any other piece of pop culture ephemera. In this way, pinback buttons become historical tools providing insight into the moods, sentiments, and world views of people living in a particular time and place.

The versatility of pinback buttons has created endless opportunities for graphic and typographic treatments. Whether to convey a political leaning, tell a joke, champion a social or environmental cause, or simply to serve as a souvenir, these small wearable tokens of one’s thoughts and interests are meant to be worn and shared with others.